Amira Jadoon Joins Tarqeq Leadership as Senior Advisor

The academic and policy analyst is a noted authority on the Islamic State in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Tarqeq Research is delighted to welcome scholar and policy analyst Dr Amira Jadoon to its leadership team. As Senior Advisor, Dr Jadoon will guide the firm’s research and consulting work on counterterrorism in South and Central Asia.

Dr Jadoon is an assistant professor in the department of Political Science at Clemson University, United States. Prior to joining Clemson, she worked at the United States Military Academy at West Point, jointly appointed in the department of Social Sciences and the Combating Terrorism Center (2017-2022). She also holds external appointments at the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism (ICCT-The Hague), and the Stimson Center (Washington DC). Dr Jadoon specializes in global security, political violence, counterterrorism strategies and terrorism trends. She has published in numerous academic journals and is also the author of the book, The Islamic State in Afghanistan and Pakistan: Strategic Rivalries and Alliances (Lynne Rienner, 2023).

In 2022, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) named Jadoon as one of 50 honorees in the US National Security & Foreign Affairs Leadership List. She regularly briefs and engages with elements at all levels of the United States Government, including the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense as well as with international policymakers. Dr Jadoon holds a PhD in Political Science (State University of New York, Albany) and an MSc in Economic Development (London School of Economics). Prior to beginning her career in academia and research, Dr Jadoon worked as a consultant for Deloitte London between 2006-2011.

“Dr Jadoon is a globally renowned expert on Islamic State-Khorasan Province, and terrorism in South and Central Asia in general,” Tarqeq founder Abhijnan Rej said, going on to add that the firm will greatly benefit from her academic work and engagement with the policy community as it consolidates its position as a leading provider of science-driven counterterrorism solutions.

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