Tarqeq Research LLP, the first security research and advisory firm of its kind in Asia

Tarqeq Research was founded in October 2022 to help bridge the growing “ingenuity gap” in meeting international security challenges. As geostrategic competition intensifies alongside a host of other persistent and emerging security challenges – including those from deepening political polarization, climate change, infectious diseases as well as insurgencies, terrorism, and civil violence – the aggregate intellectual effort needed to meet them continues to be vastly outpaced by the interacting effects of the challenges themselves.

Tarqeq’s mandate: deploy cutting-edge science and tech as well as deep issue-specific insights to help governments and businesses stay ahead and on top of disruptive security risks

Adapted from Thomas Homer-Dixon, The Ingenuity Gap: Can We Solve the Problems of the Future? (Vintage Canada, 2001), 27.

At the heart of our endeavours lies the belief that there are undiscovered mathematical laws governing collective human behaviour. While we are yet to fully understand what those laws are, at Tarqeq we believe that those laws – and their consequences – can only be uncovered if we break out of our disciplinary siloes as scientists and analysts.  In an era where data and machine learning have permeated every sphere of human activity, we go one step further.

We do not just analyse data and report the ‘what’ and ‘when’; we look under the hood to understand the ‘why’ and explicate the ‘how’

Through a conceptually-creative and scientifically-rigorous fusion of ideas and methods ranging from the mathematics of dynamical systems and networks and the physics of critical phenomena to behavioural economics and population ecology, we are uniquely positioned to understand and navigate complex national and transnational security challenges in ways that traditional consulting and tech firms cannot.

In an industry that tends to be tactical and reactionary, we set ourselves apart through a relentless focus on strategic analysis. While many are swayed by the tumultuous ebb and flow of the news cycle, our sight is firmly set on the horizon. We are in this for the long game, partnering with governments, non-governmental organizations, and businesses that share our long-term perspective.

At the heart of our firm’s unique proposition – backed by a growing proprietary library of computational models and data sets – is a commitment to explanation, rather than mere prediction. We are positioned at the intersection of tech development, scientific research, data analytics, and risk consulting.

Tarqeq is committed to delivering sophisticated category-defying solutions through a combination of bespoke modelling, exclusive data sets, and a thorough understanding of the threat environment

Data forms an important part of our operations. However, we prioritize its ethical use above all else. We use publicly available data or data provided by our clients who are legally authorized to possess it. We do not deal in secrets and gossip. Our emphasis on verifiable and replicable work differentiates us and reinforces our commitment to ethical practices.

Tarqeq Research is registered as a Limited Liability Partnership with the Indian Ministry of Corporate Affairs.


“Tarqeq” is the Inuit word for the moon spirit which is believed to maintain watch over humans and their behaviour. It is also one of Saturn’s irregular moons, discovered in 2007.

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Tarqeq Research LLP provides bespoke research-based solutions and training to help meet a wide range of global security challenges of concern to businesses, national and subnational governments using cutting-edge methods steeped in contemporary scientific traditions.