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Tarqeq provides a range of solutions to meet security challenges using ideas and techniques from mathematical, computational, and natural sciences.

In a world awash with cascading and interacting risks, businesses and governments alike are increasingly being left groping in the dark. This situation is unlikely to change anytime soon. Amid intense great-power jostling, persistent subnational conflicts, and newer security threats from rapid urbanization and deepening connectivity, demographic shifts, and climate change, the unusual and the unexpected define the new normal.

While most risk advisories focus on the ‘what’ of security challenges, at Tarqeq, we help you probe the ‘why’, using the latest ideas and techniques from mathematical, computational, and natural sciences. View global security through a wide-angle lens with us.

Games, Dynamics, and Security

Violent actors constantly shape their environment and change their tactics. Antagonistic agents selectively and tacitly cooperate with one another. Let us help you map a world in flux with multidimensional power diffusion and concentration.

Networked and Systemic Risks

The global economic and financial architectures stand fractured and weaponized. Networked malign actors are becoming the norm, reordering security environments in unexpected ways. Understand the causes behind such effects.

Simulations and Scenarios

It is possible to create a space of plausible futures by rigorously blending analysis of existing trends with scenario-planning, computational methods, and table-top experiments. We specialize in techniques that allow your organization to do so.


We firmly believe analytical best practices must be shared. In order to empower corporate in-house teams and help them adopt new methods to understand security challenges, we offer in-person and online training modules and courses.

Quarterly Reports

Drawing on proprietary data sets and/or innovative modelling techniques, our Quarterly Reports present original scientific research with a predominantly computational or quantitative focus, allowing specialists to dig deeper into puzzles.

Monthly Briefs

Our Monthly Briefs present actionable analysis and focused case studies drawing on in-house and secondary research. They are, on occasion, qualitative but are always anchored in scientific insights. The Briefs speak to a wide audience interested in security issues.

White Papers

As a public service, we occasionally publish White Papers that advance thought-leadership at the intersection of science & tech and security. Our White Papers present specific points of view on current and emerging challenges, examine them conceptually, and describe ways forward to mitigate those challenges.

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Tarqeq Research LLP provides bespoke research-based solutions and training to help meet a wide range of global security challenges of concern to businesses, national and subnational governments using cutting-edge methods steeped in contemporary scientific traditions.