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Tarqeq provides a range of solutions to meet security challenges using ideas and techniques from mathematical, computational, and natural sciences.

In a world awash with cascading and interacting risks, businesses and governments alike are increasingly being left groping in the dark. This situation is unlikely to change anytime soon. Amid intense great-power jostling, persistent subnational conflicts, and newer security threats from rapid urbanization and deepening connectivity, demographic shifts, and climate change, the unusual and the unexpected define the new normal.

While traditional risk advisories focus on the ‘what’ of security challenges, at Tarqeq, we help you probe the ‘why’, using the latest ideas and techniques from mathematical, computational, and natural sciences. View global security through a wide-angle lens with us.

Defeat Dynamic Threats

The threat environment in which is ever-changing, where malign actors evolve in apparently unpredictable ways. At the same time, collective behaviour of these actors can be understood dynamically and modelled using a judicious combination of mathematical methods. We provide a range of solutions that allow you to add an evolutionary perspective to your threat perception.

Navigate Networked Risks

The contemporary threat environment is networked, consisting of numerous interacting agents. From organized crime and insurgencies to contagion in the financial sector, networked risks spread rapidly and are often impossible to understand without sophisticated network-analytics tools. We use a variety of computational methodologies that can empower you in understanding how networks evolve.

Anticipate Future Shocks

Computer experiments based on agent-based models and game theory offer powerful ways to develop intuition about evolution of the threat environment. At the same time, traditional analytical tools such as table-top simulation exercises and quantitative trend analysis help us understand the overall contours of possible futures. We combine traditional and new concepts to help you map futures better.


We firmly believe analytical best practices must be shared. In order to empower in-house intelligence teams and help them adopt new methods to understand security challenges, we offer in-person and online training modules and courses.


Drawing on proprietary data sets and/or innovative modelling techniques, our Reports present original scientific research with a predominantly computational or quantitative focus, allowing specialists to dig deeper into puzzles.

White Papers

Our occasional White Papers advance thought-leadership at the intersection of science & tech and security. They present specific points of view on current and emerging challenges and describe ways forward to mitigate those challenges.

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Tarqeq Research LLP provides bespoke research-based solutions and training to help meet a wide range of global security challenges of concern to businesses, national and subnational governments using cutting-edge methods steeped in contemporary scientific traditions.