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Tarqeq offers bespoke reports and briefings on a range of pressing security challenges using the latest and best from the sciences

Tarqeq uses a unique combination of concepts, methods, and tools from emerging and established sciences to offer consumers bespoke reports and briefings.

Games, Dynamics, and Security

The threat environment in which governments, businesses, and non-profits operate is ever-changing, where malign actors evolve in apparently unpredictable ways sometimes, but not always, in response to changing stimuli and countermeasures. At the same time, collective behaviour of these actors can be understood dynamically and modelled using a judicious combination of mathematical and computational tools. At Tarqeq, we provide a range of solutions that allow you and your institution to acquire an evolutionary view of old and new security threats.

Networked and Systemic Risks

A key feature of the modern threat environment is its networked nature, consisting of numerous interacting agents. From organized crime and insurgencies to contagion in the financial sector, networked risks spread rapidly and—in case of covert networks of malign actors—are impossible to understand without the deployment of sophisticated network-analytics tools. At Tarqeq, we specialize in both static and dynamic networks, and use a variety of computational methods to understand how networks evolve—and ways they can be disrupted.

Simulations and Scenarios

Computer experiments based on agent-based models and multi-agent systems offer security analysts powerful ways to develop intuition about evolution of the threat environment. At the same time, traditional analytical tools such as table-top simulation exercises, quantitative trend analysis, and scenario-planning methods help us understand the contours of possible futures. At Tarqeq, we combine traditional and computational methods to offer a unique suite of solutions that help you and your institution understand future threats and ways to mitigate them.

For details about how we use mathematical, computational, and natural sciences to arrive at security solutions, we refer you to our White Paper “Reimagining Security: Science and the Future of Conflict.”

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Tarqeq Research LLP provides bespoke research-based solutions and training to help meet a wide range of global security challenges of concern to businesses, national and subnational governments using cutting-edge methods steeped in contemporary scientific traditions.